The mobile app download lowdown

April 19, 2014

This infographic looks at how we consume mobile apps. Source


Target Practice: Personalize Your Website to Create a Unique One-to-One Experience

April 19, 2014

Targeting website traffic by customer segment by to improve conversion rates is done by 25% of digital marketers today. With a little targeting know-how, marketers can begin customizing a website experience for every visitor. Source


2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends

April 19, 2014

Hispanics are comprised of many races and nationalities, speak several languages and span the socio-economic spectrum. And irrespective of language or national origin, they share many commercially appealing traits: they are younger, open to new brand opportunities, upwardly mobile, and eager to embrace the “American experience”. Source


Mac vs. PC: A Hunch Rematch

April 19, 2014

This data project was made to analyze how self-described Mac and PC people are different. Source


Who Buys All Those Google Ads?

April 19, 2014

On the heels of Google’s “disappointing” earnings announcement last Thursday – they generated a whopping $37.9 billion in revenues in 2011 – we conducted our own analysis to determine the top 10 industries that spent the most money on Google advertising last year. The results are summarized in this Google revenues infographic. Source


Craigslist Rakes It In

April 19, 2014

Craigslist is usually thought of as a simple classifieds site – that’s entirely free. What many don’t know, however, is that apartment listings are not free for NYC brokers. It costs up to $10 per post. (In addition to NYC brokered rentals, the site also charges $25-$75 per job posting in 19 major markets and […]


20 Most Trusted Brands in India

April 19, 2014

This infographic lists the 20 Most trusted brands in India and provides a brief synopsis of that brand in India. Source


Zabisco Infographics | Design, Creation and Implementation of …

April 19, 2014

This infographic is about the Blackberry Devices & the latest operating system (OS7) which is the latest OS in several blackberry handsets. The BBM is the famous messenger all over the world & it affects major population in US. Source


The Sony Online Soap Opera

April 18, 2014

A visual timeline of the actions that unfolded during the Sony vs GeoHot battle. Source


CSS Evolution Facts and History

April 18, 2014

Cascading Style Sheets, or simply CSS, sure did gave contributions to the past, present and will continue to do so in the future. We should give gratitude to the proponents of this idea. Since it kept on enhancing and developing, we should wait and see what their next step would be. I bet everyone will […]


Making Mobile Marketing Count – Part 2

April 18, 2014

There are over 1.9 billion people worldwide on the wired web and over 5 billion phones. Much of these phones have online capabilities and many are beginning to use the mobile phone as their primary search device. Source