Viva Visuals Four Reasons Why The World Loves Infographics

By Admin, January 29, 2014

Viva Visuals Four Reasons Why The World Loves Infographics

It seems that not a day goes by when there isn’t a new one released. The topics range from the history of major acquisitions made by Google to the rise of social Food Trucks to the body count of Jason Voorhees. The data is fascinating. The designs are visually striking. And over the past four years, their frequency has increased by 30 percent around the world, with an average of 16,913 mentions every day. They’re infographics, and many are fueled by social media analytics. Hop on over to Twitter and search #infographic to see for yourself. You’ll find literally hundreds, if not thousands, of links to different infographics every day. It’s gotten to the point now where they’ve become expected parts of any successful publication or PR strategy, be it in print or online. Magazines like Wired, GOOD, and Inc. have at least one new infographic in every issue. Fast Company does the same thing, on top of their Infographic of the Day section on their website.


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