Trulia spots trends in house hunting via Smartphones

By Admin, December 8, 2013

Trulia spots trends in house hunting via Smartphones

Searching for a house is really tiresome but with great efforts made, you’ll surely get the house you’ve been longing for. Nowadays, this can be done digitally. With a simple click on your smartphones, you’ll get to view the map, the house, and anything you need in search of that soon-to-be-bought house. Trulia is a website where people can find real estates even if they’re far away from the location. Before, with the of use of iPhone, people are able to search for the house they want. Then, Trulia came up with an Android app as an alternative for people to use. This chart shows the status of the technology used. The blue one’s (iPhone) use apparently is dominant. A month after Android app’s release, it got this rating of 20%. Given that it was only a month after its existence, it was able to get that percentage usage from the people. Not bad I’d say. Good job for Android app. This means that this app can really aid people in their hunt for their preferred house. Today, eight (8) months have passed and we’re not sure how the two is doing. The usage rating may have changed. The question is, can Android App match up with iPhone?

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