T-Mobile – The State of the Smartphone

By Admin, January 6, 2014

T-Mobile - The State of the Smartphone

T-Mobile delivers a few jabs and a big right hook to Verizon and AT&T. T-Mobile releases a few statistics and graphs from network tests in Atlanta and New York City. Already having 4G available, T-Mobile completely decimates AT&T’s and Verizon’s current data speeds, which is no surprise. With AT&T having their IPhone and Verizon unleashing theirs, T-Mobile stays on top of their game letting you know they’re not only less expensive, and they’re also offering 4G right now. Although Verizon is coming out with 4G, as is AT&T, they do not offer it on their IPhones. T-Mobile’s data plans start at $10 with 4G as opposed to AT&T’s at $15 and Verizon’s at $29.99 which are only 3G. Currently offering 3 Android devices that are 4G capable and having over 200,000,000+ customers that can utilize their 4G network it’s clear T-Mobile is a very strong contender in this market.

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