Mobile Broadband 2020 Nokia Siemens Networks

By Admin, January 3, 2014

Mobile Broadband 2020 Nokia Siemens Networks

The Infographic illustrates how Mobile Broadband usage is set to explode: 15 MB per user today to 1 GB by 2020. That’s the equivalent of 1000 e-books or 4000 Facebook photos or 50,000 emails. By 2015, voice calling will shrink to just 0.4 % of our usage. While video will skyrocket to nearly 65%. As a result, mobile broadband traffic will increase by 2600%. It also illustrates how Mobile Broadband consumption will not only be heavy but also unpredictable. Suburbs will see peaks at night, while city centers will see peak traffic during the day. Sporting events and new game launches will see sudden peaks in a geography or region.


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