internet « Voices from Russia

By Admin, May 9, 2014

internet « Voices from Russia

Check out this amazing infographic about the stages of development in the field of internet since the initiative of ARPA net taken by president Dwight D. Eisenhower in the year 1958 to the year 2011 when the total number of websites available on the internet has exceeded 357 million mark.The concept of packet data came in the year 1961 whereas four years later in 1965 the first wide area network appeared.WAN led to the coining of the term internet in the year 1974 and ARPA net was launched in the year 1969.The year 1993 saw the creation of the very first search engine through which we could search everything online.The year 2010 saw the space station receiving a direct internet connection.Thus find out more about the journey of internet through this infographic.


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