Infographic: Mobile In South Africa

By Admin, February 26, 2014

Infographic: Mobile In South Africa

The Nielsen Syndicated Study To ensure alignment of this Mobile Insights study, Nielsen weighted up the findings against universe proportions using AMPS. A sample of 2000 respondents, with quotas based on age, gender and all LSM levels across each metropolitan area in South Africa was used. Face to face surveys were conducted in urban South Africa and the data has been scientifically weighted to be representative of the South African population, having a maximum margin of error of about 2.19%, resulting in it being a very close reflection of actual events. The Mobile Insights study is designed to deliver the most comprehensive insights, addresses key areas relating to Mobile Media, Mobile Handsets and Mobile Networks. This survey was established in 2003 and has been implemented in 18 countries in the last 24 months by Nielsen.


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