Global Mobile Internet Costs

By Admin, November 27, 2013

Global Mobile Internet Costs

This infographic is an exploration of mobile Internet cost around the globe that also takes into account the type of data network deployed by each country. This information allows the reader to come up with their own assumptions of which country offers a better deal by using both cost and quality as indicators. Additional data provided includes a graph to show the maximum theoretical speeds for each technology. This indicates the sheer difference between the quality of mobile networks that are in operation today. We have also provided data on the three fastest networks available, predictions of global data traffic growth, the three best deals for heavy mobile internet users and a head to head of mobile internet usage by device Android Tablets vs Ipad. Sources The pricing and network type data was taken directly from the service providers and in countries where multiple providers exist an average was taken. Prediction of Global Data Traffic through Mobile Nextworks Cisco VNI Mobile 2011 Tablet vs Ipad % of page views per device Comscore


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