Basic Tips to Protect Your Digital Life

By Admin, May 16, 2014

Basic Tips to Protect Your Digital Life

What are the basic tips to protect your digital life? We need to adopt good habits to lead a healthy life. Just like offline, it is true in our online life too. To secure your digital life healthy, you must follow good habits online. Installing a good security suite, updated operating system etc. is not enough. It is primary though you must take care what you share online, the sites you visits etc. It is reported that over 1,37,000 systems were infected in a short span of just one month when users accessed a single adult web site. The personal data you share online may accessed and used by evil peoples for malicious activities. Out of more than a billion users who log in to Facebook everyday, 6,00,000 are imposters trying to access others personal data like photos, messages, and other personal information.


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