A brief history of the iPad

By Admin, October 31, 2013

A brief history of the iPad

Ok, so we all know that iPad kicked some serious tablet ass when it launched a year ago, but did you know that it reached an outrageous $1 billion in sales revenue in only 4 months, making it the fastest selling consumer device ever! And that’s not all……the first generation iPad is responsible for a whole host of crazy gadgetry firsts, like a tablet slashing laptop sales by 50% or even just the pure fact I can use the words “tablet” and “sales” in the same sentence is testament to how much of a game changer the iPad actually was. But just how big was it? Well, this infographic entitled “A brief history of the iPad” snapshots the facts and figures behind the first year of iPad history and sets us up nicely for what is set to be another year of pure iPad carnage with the recent release of the ipad 2……enjoy!


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