Are We Slackers?

June 29, 2014

“Disengagement” may sound like just another corporate buzzword, but it’s a serious problem in today’s workforce. More than half of U.S. employees report feeling disengaged from their jobs. Source

The New Independent Workforce

June 23, 2014

Many workers today do not work for organizations on a permanent basis. These independent workers, both solopreneurs and independent service firms, known collectively as the contingent workforce, are present in many different fields. But who are they? We examine this unique section of the labor force. Source


105 Million Candidates and counting

April 27, 2014

Is it possible to map the global workforce? TheSocialCV thinks so. It’s taken more than four years of development and required running more than 10 billion online records through a semantic processing engine but thesocialCV has now indexed more than 100 million professional profiles and has mapped more than 200 million professional interactions. Source


The Power of Mobile

April 3, 2014

ClickSoftware’s new infographic just launched, the digital ink is still drying. This powerful infographic explores how the mobile revolution has connected people in business and life, and what the future holds. Source


User Process Improvement by the Numbers

March 15, 2014

Business process management professionals focus on the processes that flow among workers, and how the technology integrates and interacts. OpenSpan focuses on user process improvement–optimizing how work gets done on a user’s desktop. The resulting productivity gains and cost savings are immediate and significant. Source


Women-Led Startups Are The Key To New Job creation

October 14, 2013

“Research has shown that startups, especially high growth startups, are the keys to job creation and leadership in new industries,” the paper says. “With nearly half the workforce and more than half of our college students now being women, their lag in building high-growth firms had become a major economic deficit…Women capable of starting growth […]

How To Train Your Employees To Handle Your Social Media

How To Train Your Employees To Handle Your Social Media

August 15, 2013

Social media consultants can be an expensive addition to your business. But in this day and age, no company can operate without a sound social plan. Despite the swanky pitches you may receive from pros, your best social media team might actually be your current workforce. Source


NUMEROLOGY | A League Above

February 28, 2013

No Description Source

Luckily, the Office Just Isn’t What It Used to be

December 24, 2012

For efficiency’s sake, it used to be the norm to fill up office buildings with employees and lock them into a schedule that had everyone on the premises at the same time. These days, that approach makes less and less sense for more and more companies. Source

Which Post-Secondary Majors Lead to Employment?

Which Post-Secondary Majors Lead to Employment?

November 14, 2012

The results are based on data from sources in the United States (The Wall Street Journal, The U.S. Census Bureau and The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce), but the results are similar to findings about the relationship between pay and post-secondary education in Canada. Source

The State of Unemployment - August 2011

The State of Unemployment – August 2011

October 13, 2012

No news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is bad news for the U.S. economy. The government agency just released its August unemployment report, shaking the markets and consumer confidence alike. No jobs were added in August and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.1%. Source

The workforce evolution in Europe

The workforce evolution in Europe

August 30, 2012

This info graph is about the Workforce Evolution in Europe and how the talent shortage will impact single industries and job groups. Source