Infographic: Cloud Computing vs. Snow

March 22, 2014

This infographic comes to us from, and shows how cloud computing could save the UK billions each year, since snow days often shut down business. According to As the infographic shows, the UK economy has been losing up to 1.2 billion a day during the current bad weather as up to 1/5th of […]


The Modern CIO Mission to Move the Needle

December 16, 2013

A glimpse into the life of a modern CIO. As detailed in the blog post, there is a tough balance act between running the business, making strategic bets and avoiding risk. Source

Cheery or Scroogey? Retail Worker Happiness

November 9, 2013

Which retail workers are merry, jolly and happy to serve you this holiday season? asked retail workers at various major outlets to rate their levels of stress and satisfaction on the job and came up with a happiness score for each group. It turns out that some holiday workers like their retail gigs much […]


Let’s talk about OFWs(Philippines). An Infographic

June 17, 2013

This is an infograph that tell us more about Overseas Filipino workers Source



February 21, 2013

En el año 2012 se ha convocado una huelga general en España. Esta infografía hace un repaso por todas las huelgas generales vividas en España en democracia. __ In the year 2012 has called a general strike in Spain. This computer graphics we review all general strikes in Spain lived in a democracy. Source

Work-Life Balance Survey

Work-Life Balance Survey

August 24, 2012

The Captivate Office Pulse Survey on Work-Life Balance reveals that when it comes to work-life balance, men are happier than women. The survey of 673 workers shows that men are 25% happier at work and 8% happier at home than women are. Source