The Great Tablet Flood

May 7, 2014

Consumers were flooded with a torrent of new tablet options in 2011. With over 40 tablets available on a handful of platforms only a few can stand out. We’ll attempt to break down what we saw, highlight what’s working and point the way forward. Source


Positive Windows 8 Reaction Visualized

December 8, 2013

Social media firm MashWork created an infographic based on what people were saying about Windows 8 after it was revealed earlier this year. Half of all tweets favored Windows 8′s Metro style design compared to Apple’s iOS software and Google’s Android operating system. MashWork collated 65,968 messages shared on Twitter between June 15 and September […]

The Top Ten Features of Windows 8

The Top Ten Features of Windows 8

April 28, 2013

Microsoft released the preview Windows 8 – a next generation touch-UI-focused Windows operating system. It is currently available for download on developer build. Since the new year 2012 has just come; this new OS is also slated for release this year. We present here top interesting features of the new Windows 8, infographics by […]

Some Top Features of Upcoming Windows 8

Some Top Features of Upcoming Windows 8

September 9, 2012

The new upcoming Windows 8 is already became so popular because of its exciting user interface and number of cool features. We have already shared the Windows 8 themes and skin packs for you to experience the upcoming the look and feel of Windows 8 on your existing system with Windows 7 installed. Source