Mobile page load time vs. user expectations

December 14, 2013

Mobile traffic is exploding. For many consumers their phone or tablet has become their primary portal to the internet; however, most mobile sites are unacceptably slow. The mobile landscape is changing quickly. With the launch of our Mobile Site Optimizer, Strangeloop wanted to capture a snapshot of the current landscape. They corralled the latest research […]


The Impact of Website Speed on Business

December 7, 2013

This infographic provides more information about website speed. In this quick world with fast results, people will leave a page quickly if it doesn’t load in a fast time, therefore the bounce rate on sites is high. This infographic provides information about website speed, average bounce rates, and resources to make your websites load time […]


Valentine’s Day Online: How, when and where people are spending

May 3, 2013

58% of North Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day — to the tune of a whopping $15 billion a year. But despite the fact that 1 out of 3 people will do their Valentine’s Day shopping online, prime e-commerce destinations are failing to deliver a fast user experience. The average leading Valentine’s Day destination takes 21 seconds […]

Slowest Load Times of Microsoft Sharepoint

Slowest Load Times of Microsoft Sharepoint

November 19, 2012

Aptimize has the ability to significantly decrease load times on websites. The goal is to target companies using MIcrosoft Sharepoint not Sharepoint directly. If a site is slow to load, it will needlessly cost the company a great deal of money, so.. Aptimize to the rescue! Visually, we decided to capitalize on the success of […]

Visualizing website performance

Visualizing website performance

August 1, 2012

Websites have changed radically in the past 15 years, and these changes have had a powerful effect on how people use the web. To help visualize these changes, Strangeloop created this set of infographics illustrating how both websites and user behaviour have evolved. The key takeaway from these visualizations is that, while modern websites are […]