The State Of The Tablet

December 24, 2013

At Onswipe, we’re working to power the way the world experiences the web on tablets. This is the first in a series of monthly info-graphics we call “The State Of The Tablet”. We’ll be combining data from other studies along with data from the Onswipe network that reaches over a million people of visitors a […]


How Small Business Blogs Increase Sales

December 9, 2013

Often times it’s a challenge to convince small business that starting a blog can significantly help their marketing and increase their sales. We feel this problem stems from the lack of being able to see the “big picture” of small business blogging. We’ve put together this infographic to illustrate how small business blogs increase sales […]


The Demographics of Social Media

February 28, 2013

We collected a lot of social media demographics based on actual user profiles, not just Web traffic. But knowing how you love to pass around your #infographics we thought we’d pull it all into one handy file for you. And also knowing how you like deep-dive data, here’s a more detailed table of the age […]


Act Big to Get BIG

February 23, 2013

Using data sourced from Hubspot’s free online tool, website grader, their research shows that companies who create a lot of content, maintain active social media profiles, and blog regularly are much more successful online than their peers. Source