Who’s Your Chief Conversion Officer?

October 23, 2013

While conversion rate is a popular Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for all online businesses, at least 40 percent of companies don’t like their number. Then why do so few companies have dedicated people, processes, and personnel for turning visitors into customers? If your companies conversion strategy is “spray and pray,” the latest research might convoke […]



January 22, 2013

Conversion Rates: Interventions with Ghosts Visiting Your Website

Conversion Rates: Interventions with Ghosts Visiting Your Website

December 13, 2012

Whether you are using an inbound content strategy, keyword and advertisement buys, or a combination of both, the obvious concern is improving your ability to capture lead information from more visitors (and justify the investment in getting customers to your website). To capture more of these visitors, you need to learn more about who they […]

Impact: the numbers for 2011

Impact: the numbers for 2011

August 17, 2012

Whenever we’re tempted to shy away from numbers in our ministry reports we remember what Tim’s father says: Each one of those numbers is a person. So with the help of our brother-in-law Eric Linares, we prepared the infographic above to help you visualize the reach of the resources and training that *we personally provided […]