A Comparison of Small Business Cash-Back Credit Cards

March 16, 2014

Cash-back cards often offer the most attractive deals for small-business owners. Here’s a look at five cards from some of the larger issuers. Source


How the Cut in Debit Card Swipe Fees Will affect you

March 4, 2014

Paying with plastic — credit and debit cards — clearly has a price. It costs retailers roughly $2 for every $100 spent. So, when you buy something for $100, the seller actually gets paid $98. Interchange fees are subtracted on the front end, as explained in this infographic: Source

Cracking the Credit Card Code

Cracking the Credit Card Code

April 21, 2013

Do the numbers on credit cards actually mean anything or is just a random number? Learn to decode what your credit card number means. Source

The Numbers behind Credit Cards

The Numbers behind Credit Cards

April 19, 2013

Credit cards have been putting irresponsible college kids in debt since the late 1800s. The plastic card we know today didn’t really take off until the 1950s and now more than 177 million Americans have at least one credit card in their wallet. Fortunately, if you use your credit cards correctly, they can benefit you […]


Is Plastic Still Fantastic in 2011

January 15, 2013

This infographic explores the credit card industry in the U.S since the recession to determine which credit cards are the best to use. They provide information about the different credit card companies and transaction actions.