THE WORLD RUNS on VMware vSphere

July 2, 2014

What started as a technology breakthrough is now the foundation of a new era of IT. Building on a history of innovation and a decade of industry first. VMware continues to set the standard in virtualization with the introduction of vSphere 5.


The Myths and Realities of Virtualizing Applications

March 28, 2014

The Myths and Realities of Virtualizing Applications – Application Virtualization – EMC Source


What Today’s Admins Should Know About Virtualization

January 9, 2014

Virtualization can create a lot of challenges that need to be managed. Respondents cited performance bottlenecks, capacity planning and storage I/O issues among the top challenges. Source


Virtualization in Embedded Applications

December 6, 2013

This infographic provides information for virtualization of embedded applications. It information for what embedded virtual applications, how to use VMM, and how virtualization technologies can move projects forward. Source


What Small Businesses Should Know About Virtualization security

November 13, 2013

Many SMEs are discovering the advantages that virtualization can bring to their businesses. However, many are also putting their data at risk by failing to ensure that their virtualization solutions are properly secured and protected. Take a look at the infographic for some surprising facts about small business virtualization security, and find out how you […]


Is Storage Holding Back Virtualization?

November 7, 2013

Tintri, a provider of VM-aware storage appliances, recently conducted a survey of 126 virtualization users to find out more, and the results were telling. While more than 63 percent of the respondents planned to be at least 75 percent virtualized by the end of 2012, only 36 percent indicated they were heavily virtualized today. Source



June 28, 2012

V-index is an online virtualization industry study performed by Vanson Bourne, an independent market research company. It is based on a survey of at least 500 enterprises across the US, UK, France and Germany and is designed to measure 3 parameters – virtualization rate, consolidation ratio and primary hypervisor in use. Source