So You Want To Watch Youtube

So You Want To Watch Youtube’ Flowchart

October 3, 2013

If you can’t start your day without a proper fix of YouTube videos then this flow chart infographic might be a good reference card to keep on hand in case your usual channels are a bit slow on updating their video content. I’m sure you could easily find enough videos with this to make the […]

Streaming as a Service

Streaming as a Service

April 21, 2013

Streaming as a Service is a concept that is derived from Software as a Service , also referred as SaaS. It is a global solution that integrates multiple services that eases up the online streaming process into the cloud. The primary advantages of this solution are the linearity and scalability following the pay as you […]

How To Monetize Your Video

How To Monetize Your Video

September 20, 2012

For the vast majority of independent producers, online video streaming has been reduced to a valuable marketing tool but not an income generator. Today, the trend is changing. Thanks to video streaming platforms such as DaCast, producers have now the possibility to create new revenues from their video content using monetization models: Advertising, Pay-Per-View and […]

Streaming Showdown: Netflix Vs Hulu Plus

Streaming Showdown: Netflix Vs Hulu Plus

August 26, 2012

These days, more and more people are giving up cable in favor of streaming video and TV. Those services, available from Netflix and Hulu Plus, come at a much lower cost and for many, provide sufficient entertainment. Here’s how Netflix and Hulu Plus compare. Source

TikiLive VS DaCast - Twitter Account

TikiLive VS DaCast – Twitter Account

July 2, 2012

Twitter Account Showdown Source