Android vs iPhone

July 9, 2014

A head to head comparison between the two biggest rivals in the smartphone market at the moment, we visualised in this infographic the pros and cons of each smartphone along with the market success of each. Source


HTC EVO 4G vs. Droid Incredible

July 5, 2014

Android is on a roll. The relatively young mobile operating system by Google just overtook iPhone sales figures last month. Android fanboys (and fangirls) are already emerging even though the major Froyo v2.2 update hasn’t even been made available for most devices just yet (except Nexus One).


On iOS Devices, Native Apps Trump Web Apps

June 23, 2014

Appsfire, one of the leading mobile app discovery platforms, has analyzed 1,000 devices from its users to gain some insight with regards to the native app vs. Web app debate. According to Appsfire, owners of iOS devices typically spend only 10 percent of their time in a mobile browser, inclusive of Web apps. This is […]


Mobile Battles: iPhone vs Andriod, Facebook vs Groupon

June 9, 2014

With the emergence of two clear leaders in the mobile app landscape, Lucid Agency wanted to get a better understanding of how this landscape has changed and give a little credence to some predictions about where it’s going. This is the infographic we’ve released to help show this information in a cool visual way: Source


Android Showdown

March 13, 2014

We recently saw an advertisement for the soon-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy SII, and it had us wondering: Could we predict phone sales based on the online conversation regarding it? Being that I have been anticipating the Droid Bionic release since it was announced, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to research, compare, and breakdown […]


Silicon Valley Geeks vs Seattle Geeks

March 5, 2014

In truth, for all their differences, Seattle and Silicon Valley have more and more in common these days, particularly as companies from the Bay Area come north in search of scarce engineering talent. This trend, and how Seattle could improve upon on its standing as a tech hub, is one of the many topics we’ll […]


iPhone and iPad Square Off

December 27, 2013

What you see here is a hit-for-hit comparison of an iPad and an iPhone. For our purposes here, we’re going to be comparing the iPad 3G + WiFi model to an iPhone 3GS. With similar wireless connectivity options and the same iPhone OS underpinnings, it’s easy to see how one could say the tablet is […]


Canon vs Nikon: a financial and consumer comparison

November 18, 2013

There’s nothing like a ‘Canon’ vs ‘Nikon’ discussion to get photographers going. Those with cameras from either brand love to defend their purchase…. and those with other brands always have an opinion too. Source


Motorola Droid Bionic vs. Apple iPhone 4 vs. HTC Thunderbolt

November 18, 2013

January 2011 is an awfully exciting month for Verizon Wireless employees and customers. At CES 2011, the company announced several 4G LTE phones including the Motorola Droid Bionic and the HTC Thunderbolt. Just a few days after the largest tech week of the year, Verizon Wireless announced details about the Apple iPhone 4. With many […]

Social Media Killed The Email Star

Social Media Killed The Email Star

September 10, 2013

Four years is an awfully long time to sound the death bells for a medium that’s used daily by billions of people across the globe, especially since you can’t even register for social media service like Google+, Facebook or Twitter without a valid email address—proof that social media didn’t kill the email star; it just […]

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea

July 27, 2013

Today we have a bonus infographic from Policy Expert. Policy Expert is a UK company that helps people find the best insurance. They pride themselves on being people powered, offering customer service at every step. Since this is a bonus infographic today, I’m not going to write up a long critique. Source

Google Plus vs Facebook

Google Plus vs Facebook

July 21, 2013

Another week in the social media sphere and a new social network to conquer. Yes, Google Plus, or G+ as most know it now, has fully rolled out and it seems they have gotten a few things right. Also, since the rest of the world is more familiar now with social networks, we are all […]