Adventure Capital: A Startup ecoysystem

July 15, 2014

An infographic describing the tech startup ecosystem in Australia and the firm Adventure Capital’s role in that ecosystem. Source


Zelkova by the Numbers

July 9, 2014

Zelkova Ventures recently analyzed and surveyed its investments and here are the results. Source


Why Silicon Alley can be the Next Silicon Valley

May 6, 2014

This infographic shows exactly why New York (Silicon Alley) CAN be the next great Silicon Valley. It includes resources available to new tech startups that choose to start their ventures in New York’s Silicon Alley. Source


The Current State of Venture Capital

March 27, 2014

Getting a new business running sometimes means investing large sums of money, and when entrepreneurs don’t have the cash to make their visions reality, many turn to venture capitalists. Here is a look at where these deals are being approved, and which industries are commanding the highest investments. Source


Global Internet M&A and Investment

February 24, 2014 presents the Global Internet M&A and Investment Infographic, analysing over 2400 Internet deals from 2011. Source


SoftTechVC by the Numbers

February 1, 2014

An at-a-glance look at venture capital firm SoftTech VC and its investments by volume, year, location and business sector. Source


Taking the Bullion by the Horns

January 1, 2014

Gold has been used as a safe-haven for storing wealth and as a currency for hundreds of years. Because of its propensity to remain steady or to increase in value, it’s become one of the most valuable of the precious metals to investors. However, it is gold’s recent modern history that is the most fascinating. […]


Is Clean Tech Dead?

February 4, 2013

With the current bankruptcy of Solyndra many are beginning to question the sustainability of clean tech industries. Is clean tech on the verge of death? Not really. Investments in clean tech have been slightly rising with new deals on the frontier. We take a look at the current state and future of clean tech. Source