The Crazy Hours Small Business Owners Have work over holidays

December 29, 2013

Findings is the sad fact that only 14% of business owners said they planned on taking a “true” vacation where they could completely unplug from work. But that hard work might be paying off. Fifty percent of small business owners expected to see better sales this year than they did last year. Source


Holidays Small Business Style

December 8, 2013

More than 300 business owners and executives replied to the study, sharing how their companies’ attitudes about working remotely and holiday vacations have changed. Powered by their smartphones–and perhaps by an uptick in the economy this year – most business owners will be working through the holidays and while on vacation. Source


History of Hotels

October 1, 2013

Hotels have come a long way since their initial creation nearly 1,300 years ago. After all, can you imagine peoples’ reactions if they were asked to bring a hammock with them to an American hotel? Just 235 years ago, that was the expectation at American seaport inns. Hotel and their amenities have improved dramatically over […]

Rome Vacations Off the Beaten Path

September 24, 2013

Worldwide Accom tips off the best places to go in Rome that are off the beaten path. Worldwide Accom

Medical Tourism Around The World

Medical Tourism Around The World

August 14, 2013

Sky-high health care cost in the U.S. have spurred many consumers to seek treatment abroad, with some even planning vactions around their procedures. Here are the hot spots where medical tourists are flocking. Source

Choose a Short Term Apartment in Europe

July 6, 2013

Describes how to pick out the right apartment in Rome, London, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, and Florence. Content Marketing Agency


America’s Most Expensive Vacation Towns

June 17, 2013

So where will your wallet feel the most empty? To figure this out, we took our spending data and looked at millions of transactions for 40 popular vacation towns in the U.S. in the following categories: shopping, food, hotels, movie theaters, public golf courses, public transportation, taxis and limos, tourist attractions and exhibits, and travel […] Bi-Annual Price Index for U.S. Travelers Bi-Annual Price Index for U.S. Travelers

April 26, 2013

The Biannual Hotel Price Index Shows a 3 Percent Global Price Increase and Gradual Recovery released by PRNewswire on 9/13/2011. Source

Worker Vacations | 2011

Worker Vacations | 2011

March 17, 2013

Vacation season? Not so fast. Why many workers will only be dreaming of sunny beaches or rustic getaways this year. Source

Mapping out your summer vacation

Mapping out your summer vacation

November 19, 2012

Although Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, Tuesday June 21st is the date of the actual summer solstice. And with a three month stretch of warm weather, families everywhere are doing what families traditionally do come June, July and August: Go on vacation. Source

The Summer Tan Index

The Summer Tan Index

November 3, 2012

With summer holidays in full swing, we thought it fitting to see where sun-deprived Brits can catch the most rays on their travels, and the most popular countries to visit. Source

Paradise of Peril Asia

Paradise of Peril Asia

October 4, 2012

Paradise or peril in Asia. What vacation accidents could occur while having the time of your life in Asia? Source