The Small Business Credit Recession

March 19, 2014

Has it become harder to obtain necessary business credit? A recent report by the NFIB indicates that small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain the necessary business credit. Source

Trophy Size Matters

Trophy Size Matters

May 30, 2013

I like this image in creating hierarchy and the idea of a legend to maybe identify with color what project belongs to what class. Source

The Seven Types of iPhone Users

The Seven Types of iPhone Users

November 4, 2012

Are there only seven types of iPhone owners like there are only seven types of Best Buy employees? I guess so! Well, what about the child iPhone user who just plays game and leaves your screen all gooey? That makes 8. Source

That’s a Lot of Rockets

May 7, 2012

This is an illustration from physics professor Peter Alway’s 1995 book Rockets of the World. That little black-and-yellow smudge in the second row, that’s the V–2. It’s quite amazing what a monster the Saturn V still is, almost 40 years in retirement. Source