Are External Services Slowing You Down?

July 7, 2014

Did you know that New Relic’s App Map feature can display all of the external services and third-party APIs used within your application? This information is invaluable as more and more applications leverage the data and services provided by social networks, cloud service providers, and payment services. Source


The Meteoric Rise of Twitter

June 25, 2014

Twitter has only been around for about five years but its rise to pop culture phenomenon was a quick one. Now, politicians, actors, singers and sports stars use it as a sounding board to promote projects and share their opinions. Companies and brands have also gotten onboard and use it to run contests and promote […]


Going Local: The Rise of Geo-Targeting and Location-Based Services

June 18, 2014

Going local. This informative infographic looks at the rise of geo-targeting and location-based services and charts their rise in popularity. It also looks at competing companies and what each location-based service offers. Source


Before Twitter: The Spread of Information

May 23, 2014

These days, you can almost get all the news you need from Twitter and even Facebook. With the social media revolution, normal people are becoming reporters to their friends, family, and other online connections. What was it like before Twitter? Here is a look at how news got around before tweets existed Source


Are we addicted to social media?

April 25, 2014

Cell phones have come to take over a vast majority of our lives with the newest and greatest features of social media in our pockets. But how much social media is too much and when does it become too invasive? This infographic looks at some of the most interesting (or disturbing) statistics of social media. […]


A Year of Twitter

April 1, 2014

2010 was an amazing year for Twitter as it exploded from a web curiosity to everyday necessity . This infographic looks at the good, the bad, and the ugly for this social media wonder in 2010. Source


Top Small Business Tweets of 2011

March 8, 2014

Top Small Business Tweets of 2011 from the influencers, companies and media of #smallbusiness.


Twitter Users By Klout Score

February 13, 2014

Percentage of twitter users by Klout score. Source


Who’s Using Twitter and How They’re Using It

February 7, 2014

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites and it continues to grow daily. But who’s really using the blue bird themed site and why do they feel compelled to let the world how they are feeling in 140 characters or less. This infographic looks closer at the site. Source


America & The Internet

February 7, 2014

Leading the way in the information age, Americans’ digital media consumption is at an all-time high. Branching out from traditional forms of media consumption, we as Americans are beginning to redefine the standard of internet connectivity through various forms of mobile devices. Source


A Big Day For Small Business

February 6, 2014

103 million Americans shopped at independent small businesses on November 26, 2011. Designated as Small Business Saturday by the U.S. Senate, the initiative was created by American Express in 2010. This chart takes a look at the key stats measuring the success of this year’s event. Source