The Worst Cities for Online Crimes

April 3, 2014

We are all at risk of online crimes like identity theft and privacy violation. It can happen to anyone and anywhere. However, did you know that some cities experience more online crime than others? The truth is, some Internet users are more at risk depending on where they live. Here is a look at the […]


The World of Lost Cellphones

January 27, 2014

Nearly $30 billion worth of phones will be lost in the US this year. Source

Child Identity Theft

Child Identity Theft

March 15, 2013

Child identity theft is all too common, and it’s often the type of theft crooks choose because it’s often years before the theft is discovered. A child’s credit is pristine, and if a thief can get his hands on a child’s information, he can rack up debt long before the theft is uncovered. Source


The Rise of Copper Theft and Its Threat to US Critical Infrastructure

January 21, 2013

Since August 2009, metal thefts have steadily increased across the nation, driven by rising prices for base metals, especially copper. Whether the theft is an expensive personal irritant, like finding your catalytic converter has been stolen, or one that threatens public safety, metal thefts are increasing in frequency and severity. Source


Employee Theft Statistics

December 30, 2012

The infographic below clearly shows that employee theft is on the rise; and more startling is the fact that no one is immune to the lure of free pencils or getting a five-finger-discount when it come to electronics and other office equipment. All levels of education are guilty and those with bachelor’s degrees are the […]

Anatomy of a Phishing Attack

Anatomy of a Phishing Attack

June 23, 2012

Sometimes, cyberpunks go fishing in email boxes to see if they can swipe your personal information. The bait that they use is an official-looking email that asks you to submit some private information to “update” one of your accounts or receive some type of benefit. If you take the bait, they will turn around and […]

Deterring a Burglar

Deterring a Burglar

June 5, 2012

Here are some very useful tips and tricks on how to secure your home and keep it safe from burglars! Source