Thanksgiving Calories

Thanksgiving Calories

August 16, 2013

Granted, it is not normally a time when the average American is thinking about their calorie intake. Yet the holidays have always been a time when we pack on a few pounds and it may do us some good to know exactly what goes into our holiday meals. The average American Thanksgiving meal consists of […]

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

May 16, 2013

Most of us celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy the scrumptious foods without giving much thought to the origins of the holiday. This infographic provides information about the history of Thanksgiving, how the first meal was celebrated and the foods that were actually eaten. It also shows what a typical Thanksgiving feast looks like today and how […]



May 8, 2013

Get all the stats and figures on what Americans spend on Thanksgiving dinner and where all those tasty mashed potatoes come from. Source

Turkey Day Ideas

Turkey Day Ideas

May 4, 2013

Need help creating the perfect Thanksgiving dinner? Have you considered deep frying your turkey? How about assembling a Turducken? What about ditching the turkey and making a Tofurky? Here are the tips you need to get each one right, as well as Thanksgiving side dish recipes and some fun facts about Turkey Day and the […]

Thanksgiving By the Numbers

Thanksgiving By the Numbers

April 11, 2013

Do you know how many calories the average American eats on Thanksgiving? Or how long it takes most people to prepare Thanksgiving dinner? We surveyed 351 Viewpointers to find out all about their Thanksgiving cooking traditions. Source

Holiday Shopping Online

Holiday Shopping Online

April 1, 2013

Black Friday is a monumental day for retails and online stores across the country. The holiday shopping frenzy is in full force that day bringing forth Cyber Monday and the countdown to the major holidays. This infographic looks back on the history of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and charts the biggest online shopping days […]


Feasting on a Budget: How Americans Will T…

March 2, 2013

Most people go all-out for Thanksgiving. They want the biggest turkey, the best artisan bread for their stuffing, the most popular pumpkin pie in the city. But all these things can be tough on your wallet, and when holiday shopping rolls around, you might wish you’d spent less on the turkey dinner. Here are some […]


Your Thanksgiving Meal in Calories

January 24, 2013

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the tastiest meals of the year in the U.S. How many potential pounds does this cornucopia of cuisine pack on, though? No wonder we’re not so thankful once we get on the scale at the beginning of the holidays. Source


Food Waste

January 21, 2013

Feasting, in the truest sense of its definition, is one of life’s great pleasures – and privileges. Rightly so, we reserve such meals for special occasions. The holiday season is one such occasion; Thanksgiving is tomorrow. At Jolkona we’re running the Eat Local, Give Global campaign with Bill the Butcher to raise funds in order […]


Black Friday Mayhem

January 20, 2013

Infographic of how Black Friday and Cyber Monday played out on Social Media platforms. Source


Battle of Thanksgiving Dinner Elements in …

January 9, 2013

An American Thanksgiving is all about the four “F’s” – family, food, fun as well as football! Many American households rely on the four “F’s” to make their Thanksgiving complete. The graphic shows the droughts, hurricanes as well as freak snowstorms have swept through the country over this precedent year, leaving their mark on the […]


A Comprehensive Guide to Thanksgiving

January 4, 2013

This humorous and light hearted infographic gives a fun description of the different aspects of Thanksgiving: the types of Thanksgiving eaters, the composition of Turkey, and what each member of the family is usually thankful for. It also provides information for the types of activities people do on Thanksgiving and how much television is watched. […]