Mobile Evolution

April 28, 2014

Great Infographic of evolution of cell phones since the late ’70s until today. Exposure of the evolution of the industry and to society: the need and the amazing ability to communicate with a remote level handset to the Micro NetBooks, of our present. Source


Are we addicted to social media?

April 25, 2014

Cell phones have come to take over a vast majority of our lives with the newest and greatest features of social media in our pockets. But how much social media is too much and when does it become too invasive? This infographic looks at some of the most interesting (or disturbing) statistics of social media. […]


Modernizing Cocoa Farming

April 23, 2014

Cocoa Farming is a vital resource for farmers and the regional economy, so it is critical to make cocoa farming attractive to future generations. Source


Planet Text: How SMS Messaging Is Changing the World

March 7, 2014

Though we think of texting as just as a means of day-to-day communication, it has been utilized in developing countries in a variety of ingenious ways to improve the lives of the people there. Surprisingly, cell phones in the developing world are both cheaper and more ubiquitous than many basic services we take for granted, […]


Facts About Text Messaging

February 25, 2014

Forms of communication has come along way throughout history and one that is probably more popular then the next is text messaging. From LOL’s to WTF’s, the world of texting has become a cultural phenomenon and a large majority of teens, men, women, and children have taken this wave to a whole new level. Check […]


Technology Transforming Cocoa Farming

February 22, 2014

In 2011, Hershey introduced COCOALINK, a first-of-its-kind frogram that links farmers with helpful messages about sustainable cocoa farming and family health through two-way use of mobile phones and sms text messaging in local languages. Source


How Are Smartphones Being Used?

February 18, 2014

Did you know that just recently smartphone penetration hit 40 percent? Have you ever wondered though how those smartphone users are using their mobile phones? To help you get a better understanding of how smartphones are being used, the team at Tatango compiled data from the Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life Project and […]


Cell Phone Features

February 11, 2014

Cell Phones are not just for making calls. Advance features of each mobile device can make more look like a laptop. Source


How Americans Use Text Messaging

February 7, 2014

Along with taking photos, text messaging is the most common non-voice application Americans use on their mobile phones. Some 73% of adult cell owners use the text messaging function on their phone at least occasionally (nearly identical to the 72% of cell owners who did so at a similar point in 2010). Text messaging users […]


Where Are You Guilty of Text Messaging

December 28, 2013

It seems nowadays that everyone has their mobile phone with them at all times, but how many are text messaging while at work, on a date or even in the bathroom? To find the answer, Tatango surveyed 500+ Americans and asked them where they were guilty of text messaging. Source


Facts about Text Messaging

November 18, 2013

With more and more people text messaging, it’s not wonder phone usage to make a voice call has been on the decline. When someone picks up their phone it’s far more likely they are going to text rather than make a call. And because of this, we’ve grown accustomed to a whole new language text […]


How SMS Messaging is Changing the World

November 7, 2013

Living in the United States, most people have a distinct sense of ubiquity of texting. When we’re not busy texting, we’re seeing someone on the street who is, and it has become apparent that the text message has irreversibly woven itself into the fabric of social life for a vast majority of us. What most […]