Facebook vs. Television in the UK

July 2, 2014

When television burst onto the scene in the 50s it revolutionized life and humans have never lived the same. The internet came along in the 90s and had a similar effect to modern life. Facebook came along in the 00s and revolutionized the way we communicate and keep in touch and life was forever changed. […]


The Evolution of the American Couch Potato

June 29, 2014

The following infographic tracks the evolution of the American couch potato from the invention of television in 1921 to today’s obsession with the device and the impact it is having on our daily lives. Source


The Future of TV? iTV.

June 13, 2014

The future of television is likely in the hands of Apple. But what do existing TV manufacturers think Apple has in store for the widely-rumored “iTV”? Here’s a snapshot. Source


How Television Has Changed Over 10 Years

May 15, 2014

Television has come a long way during the past decade. A new infographic from deals site VoucherCodes.co.uk shows just how much, illustrating the changes in technology and sales. It’s hard to believe that just 10 years ago, the unwieldy Cathode-Ray Tubes were still prevalent. Source


Cutting the Cable: The State of Internet TV

April 28, 2014

Cable TV can be expensive, in many cases outrageously. The solution to avoiding high cable costs has been found in internet TV, where many of the most popular shows are streamed live to personal computers. This infographic looks at the internet TV trend, from where it has been in the past to where it may […]


Overpriced HDMI Cables

February 5, 2014

How much were you planning on spending for HDMI cables? You don’t want those cheap ones that just do what they’re suppose to right? You want your cables to be pimped out with gas-injection and gold plating! Learn why you should never pay more than a saw buck for these sometimes over-hyped connectors Source


The Battle for Your Living Room

February 3, 2014

After years of false-starts and not-quite-there implementations, it appears that the connected TV revolution is upon us. Finally, consumers will have access to affordable technology that will let them access web content and content from their Macs or PCs from the comfort of the couch, without expensive HTPC setups or complicated software. The battle for […]


Black Friday TV Stats

January 29, 2014

TVs are top sellers on Black Friday. Whether you’re looking for a discontinued LCD TV or the newest 3D HDTV, you’ll find some amazing Black Friday deals on all sizes and brands. Source


Technology Use of the Zero to Eight Year Old Set

January 6, 2014

Commonsense Media suggests that television remains dominant in terms of the number of hours consumed by the zero to eight year old group. To give a perspective on this, children under 1 watch more than two-times as much TV and videos as they do reading books or being read to. Source


How 1940s Television Worked

January 2, 2014

The early televisions of the 20th century worked very differently than those of today. See how these early marvels were able to translate information into the boob tube’s picture and sound and changed the face of the world. Source


Online TV : The New Way to Watch TV

December 15, 2013

Gone are the days when the family gathered around the large square box to take in one of three shows featured on the evening line up. Our television habits have been completely redefined by cable television, TiVo, and now online TV. Online TV is the latest and greatest way to take in television shows and […]

Flat Panel TVs in the US

December 8, 2013

The average person will spend many hours of their life consuming television shows, so it is important to have a nice television set. This infographic examines the trend of flat screen TVs in the US and ranks the top six selling brands for 2009. Source