A Timeline of Very Bad Future Predictions

June 14, 2014

Despite the fact that more people are buying ebooks online than their print counterparts, James Daunt, managing director of Waterstones, one of the U.K’s leading book chains, maintains that “the computer screen is a terrible environment in which to select books. Source


A Brief History of Communication

March 8, 2014

This infographic provides a visual genealogy of communication from the advent of modem cars to the internet. The infographic shows how the various ways of communication have evolved and grown since the 1880s and what that means for humanity. Source


Top Telemarketing scams

November 8, 2013

Infographic Top telemarketing scams Source


Telephone Evolution

December 17, 2012

It is amazing when you think about how far the telephone has come. Almost 350 years ago, a version of the telephone we know and use today started out as two tin cans connected by string. This simple idea sparked in incredible chain of events that changed communications forever. Here is a look back at […]

Access And Rural India

Access And Rural India

June 29, 2012

The Indian farmlands are reaching a point of infertility which is entirely man-made and which could have been salvaged with just a bit of agri-commonsense. Instead, farmers were left to the mercy of fertilizer companies who made merry while the government was focused on providing the best agricultural subsidy in the world. Water, power and […]