Tablet Tussle

July 14, 2014

Tablet computers are all the rage right now but how does one know which one is best? The iPad and iPad 2 from Apple, the Touch Pad from HP, and the Xoom from Motorola are all compared side by side in a chart form. The chart makes it easy to compare different features and capabilities […]


The Small Business: Journey to the Cloud

July 11, 2014

This awesome infographic tells how Cloud Computing uses the web ,instead of applications and data stored on a single computer terminal or network, cloud services are accessible on the internet in the same manner as online banking and shopping, email and social network sites. For small businesses, cloud computing hits a particular sweet spot. With […]


Zemanta’s widgetsphere

July 5, 2014



Digital Podge 09

July 5, 2014

This infographic provides various kinds of numerical and statistical information for the Digital Podge.


A Data Storage Timeline

July 1, 2014

Can you remember a world without USB drives? If you are of a certain age, you can probably remember all the way back to oversized floppy disks. We certainly have come a long way when it comes to storing our important electronic data. Here is the complete historical timeline of data storage. Source


2011 Ipswitch Announces Holiday Shopping Poll Results

July 1, 2014

WhatsUp Gold’s most recent survey of some of its 100,000 customers asked how long employees are spending shopping online leading up to the holidays. Shopping online is becoming the de facto route of choice for many during the festive season – comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, earlier reported that holiday season spending […]


The Digital Divide

June 29, 2014

Here’s an interesting infographic on the current state (2011) of the “Digital Divide,” the gap between those who have access to information technology and those who don’t. In a radio essay earlier this year, a debate about educators must begin a revisit considerations of the Digital Divide in the current age of social media. Source


Rare Earth Elements: The Technology Metals

June 29, 2014

Without these technology metals it would be near impossible to build electric cars, iPads, smart phones, wind turbines, lasers, and other essential pieces of technology! Read about rare earth elements and see how important they are to our modern world, and what China’s near monopoly could mean for the rest of the world. Source


Microsoft Partners Around the World

June 29, 2014

Very interesting graphic showing the size of the Microsoft Partner Network and how it works. The Microsoft Partner Network equips partners with the training, resources and support they need to successfully compete in today’s marketplace. Source


The Fiction to Reality Timeline

June 26, 2014

A great chart displaying the relationship between fictional and real technology. Source


Ict Network

June 25, 2014

Organizational infographic about ICT Network Source


The Meteoric Rise of Twitter

June 25, 2014

Twitter has only been around for about five years but its rise to pop culture phenomenon was a quick one. Now, politicians, actors, singers and sports stars use it as a sounding board to promote projects and share their opinions. Companies and brands have also gotten onboard and use it to run contests and promote […]