One Nation Under Video

April 28, 2014

As of this year, the share of Americans who report watching online videos via sites such as YouTube and Vimeo has reached a whopping 71 percent. Five years ago, it was only about half that. In order to understand the meteoric rise of video-sharing site users, let’s examine what they look like today. Source


16% of Cellphones Have Poop on Them

December 2, 2013

Worried your cellphone may fall into the 16% with poop on it? You should be scared — not just of the germs lurking on your mobile, but on all your favorite tech gizmos. Before you type anything else into your keyboard, consider this: Keyboards, on average, are five times dirtier and have 60 times more […]


The Rise and Fall of the MP3 Player

November 19, 2013

Will smartphones cause the MP3 player’s extinction? Source

The Problem With the Intranet

The Problem With the Intranet

March 31, 2013

With the advent of social media and the speed at which the creation and sharing of knowledge is changing, the traditional Intranet is showing its inherent limitations. Source

Media Consumption During the Summer

Media Consumption During the Summer

March 19, 2013

This infographic provides information on how much children consume media such as television, video games, movies, and internet over the summer. Using statistics this infographic will illustrate if kids consume more media in the summer and how to limit the amount of media kids consume.

How To Create Meeting Room In 1 Day

How To Create Meeting Room In 1 Day

August 11, 2012

very simple steps and also on a budged on how to create a meeting room with 8 monitor PC. Source