Whatâ??s More Expensive, Prison Or Prin...

Whatâ??s More Expensive, Prison Or Prin…

May 3, 2013

We’re all moderately aware that the prison system costs taxpayers a lot of money. But how expensive is it really? More expensive than going to an Ivy League school. This provocative infographic from PublicAdministration.net, an online resource for students and professionals in public administration, shows that it costs the state of New Jersey more to […]

Life As Tax Payers Know It

Life As Tax Payers Know It

April 16, 2013

There are many factors that go into determining how much an individual owes each year in taxes. From income to family size, all of these factors play a huge part in what goes to Uncle Sam. So what is the state of the American taxpayer? This infographic looks at the average American taxpayer and how […]


What Deportation Costs the American Taxpayer

December 16, 2012

Fast Facts: What the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants would cost the American taxpayer. Source