A Look at Green Convention Centers

November 29, 2013

As sustainability has become a marketing point for event destinations and convention centers across the country, green buildings have become a mainstay for these institutions, serving as tactile representations of each destination’s commitment to sustainability. Large green buildings often serve as sustainability anchors for entire cities, catalyzing local sustainable supply chains and urban networks. This […]

Like food? Love our brilliant world? Tell government to Protect Both

Like food? Love our brilliant world? Tell government to Protect Both

March 27, 2013

The food we eat – growing, producing and importing it – has a massive impact not just on our health but also on the health of our planet, from the Cerrado savannah in Brazil to the forests of Borneo. We need the UK government to lead a new strategy on food – within the UK, […]


Sustainable Seafood & Sushi

February 6, 2013

Poor fishery management and wasteful, destructive fishing practices is decimating the world’s supply of fish and destroying marine habitats. The current situation is not sustainable. This infographic shows which sushi to avoid and how supermarkets score in sustainability. Source

It’s a Wonderful Light… Bulb

January 14, 2013

See how much the city can stuff into its proverbial mattress during the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, thanks to switching over from traditional to LED holiday lights. Now, if they would just take that baby step and switch to an alternative electricity supplier, Power2Switch could tender an “atta boy” to boot. Chicago’s not quite there […]


Walking the talk to sustainability

January 4, 2013

The Simply Sustainable business model illustrates an evolution in the business cycle. To begin with natural resources are used by Suppliers and turned into products. As part of this manufacturing process waste is generated and put into the Environment. Source


1000 Doers of The DoNation

December 18, 2012

Emily Undwerwood’s infographic bringing to life the amazing things that our first 1000 Doers have done and the impact they’ve made through The DoNation. The DoNation is a new sponsorship site that replaces cash with action, actively engaging the population in living sustainably. For more info see www.thedonation.org.uk Source

Off The Grid: Power Supplies and Usage

Off The Grid: Power Supplies and Usage

September 21, 2012

Beginning on October 31st 2011, an eco-engineer and a designer decided to brake the rules to embark on a social and technical experiment of possibility powering their lives using alternative energy, instead of fossil fuels. Their study concludes of how to live completely off the grid in an urban environment. With no city electricity, water, […]

Cutting Landfill Waste

Cutting Landfill Waste

August 2, 2012

How much waste does a convention center create? What are the most effective methods of cutting the waste for each person? This waste management graphic illustrates how we used data from our event venue benchmarking survey to measure the average waste per person generated by each venue, and what we found through our analysis. Source

Infographic of the Future of Water in Developing Countries

Infographic of the Future of Water in Developing Countries

July 28, 2012

The future of water in developing countries as a reminder of how easy it is to take for granted the abundance of drinkable water we have in North America. Without water there is no life, we need to address these urgent issues now, to help the people in the near future. Source

Food Waste

Food Waste

July 21, 2012

Food waste is a major global problem. This infographic goes into the nature of the problem and what you can do about it. Source

5 Tips for a more sustainable festival

5 Tips for a more sustainable festival

May 29, 2012

Festivals are fun. Waste Isn’t. Together with event organisers Logisitik, we came up with 5 tips for a more sustainable festival Source

Green Construction Hierarchy

Green Construction Hierarchy

May 26, 2012

A flame tube (or Rubens tube) visualizes sound or music waveforms with fire. Sound waves pressurize propane differently along the tube, forcing it out the holes at different rates, resulting in a dancing wavy flame. Source