Who Won the Social Media #SuperBowl?

Who Won the Social Media #SuperBowl?

June 25, 2013

It was great to host Super Bowl 46 in our hometown of Indianapolis. Millions around the world watched what has become America’s largest sporting event. But viewers didn’t just tune in for the game – the commercials have become a massive draw, creating an opportunity for marketers to make their mark. Source

What Twitter is Saying About Super Bowl XLVI

What Twitter is Saying About Super Bowl XLVI

June 4, 2013

We decided to take a look at what football fans are buzzing about on Twitter before the big game. Using our WE twendz pro® analytics service, we examined what was being said about the rematch between the teams of the 2008 Super Bowl. Source

The Oscars vs The Super Bowl

The Oscars vs The Super Bowl

March 26, 2013


Top Brands Dominating the Super Bowl Pre-Buzz Twitter

Top Brands Dominating the Super Bowl Pre-Buzz Twitter

March 21, 2013

The Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year for advertisers all around the world. Marketers throw down millions of dollars for 30-second spots that are seen by hundreds of millions of people. Now social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are a major part of the pre-Super Bowl ad campaigns. This infographic looks […]

Surf Economics

Surf Economics

March 11, 2013

Ready for the biggest America’s event?


Supersonic Man

March 1, 2013

This infographic provides information for SuperBowl XLV. It provides statistical data for things such as the audience, advertising costs, and stadium costs. Source


Ultimate Guide To Cheltenham 2012

February 22, 2013

Twitter Account Showdown for the official Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys accounts Source


The NFL Is Now Embracing Social Media

February 15, 2013

Facts and stats surrounding the 2011/2012 chase to break Dan Marino’s all-time passing record by four elite quarterbacks. Source


Superbowl -v- World Series

February 9, 2013

Super Bowl XLVI is now in the history books. And whether or not you were happy about the outcome, there are more reasons for watching the Super Bowl than for the game itself. Whether you watched for great plays, the much-anticipated ads, the halftime show, or because you were invited to a Super Bowl party, […]


Super Bowl XLVI Prices Tickets Travel Hotel

February 2, 2013

An Illustrated Guide to Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks. Source


It’s a Patriots Nation, According to Facebook

January 19, 2013

‘Iniesta Fiesa’ visually records Spain’s wonderful achievement at the World Cup last summer. A record of every game in South Africa is displayed, with a pun as well to remember each match. Source


Super Bowl XLVI by design

January 16, 2013

With the Super Bowl in the rear-view mirror and another football season coming to a close, we here at Movers.com thought we would take some time out of our busy schedule of keeping our readers informed about the latest news in the moving and real estate industries by giving a little shout-out to our hometown […]