Visual Mapping Blogroll

Visual Mapping Blogroll

May 26, 2013

The map is a listing of website bookmarks grouped into categories for each line. And the best part is that the overall theme is infographics and design websites, so the categories are things like Visualization, Mind Mapping, Humor, Creativity, Thinkers, etc. Source


How The Internet Would Look Like As A Subway

February 25, 2013

As you may have noticed we all do little creative projects here at Simply Zesty for the blog which are not client work. We don’t make as much money as Google to turn this in to 20% creative time but letting the creative juices flow is important.


The Top 250 Best Movies of All Time Map

January 31, 2013

This is a map listing of all of the 250 best movies, as voted by users on the 19th of june 2009. Hope you’ll have fun travelling around this cinematographic subway plan! Source

Australian Fast Food Advertising Matchup

Australian Fast Food Advertising Matchup

November 9, 2012

Australian restaurants have also came up with their own versions of fast food eat shops like Chicken Treat, Eagle Boys pizza chain. Below infographic illustrates how your favorite food matches up as well as it shows how closely does Australian fast food match with their advertising. Source

Russian Metro System

Russian Metro System

May 4, 2012

Daily Ridership Scheme of the Moscow Metro Subway or the basis of rapid transit systems scheme. Source