From Dedication To Medication?

May 19, 2014

Work from home – this flexible way of working, this ‘work shifting’ is also a kind of time shifting, making it harder to track our working hours, as we mix work commitments with home commitments, jobs and chores.This is especially true of home business owners, who juggle all kinds of jobs, whether in the home […]


How to Identify a Small Business Owner

October 18, 2013

We’ve put together another infographic! We know our readers are loving these and we want to keep on making what you love. This time we are taking a bit of a humorous approach. Small business owners are pretty busy people, but what’s really going on in there heads? Here’s a quick snapshot of the small […]

Heart Disease Awareness Poster

Heart Disease Awareness Poster

June 12, 2013

During this project I designed a poster with the intent of communicating a process. I selected the process of heart disease in the human body. The inspiration for this piece was the intricate but easily navigable flow map diagramming found in subway maps. Source

Workaholism May be Killing You

Workaholism May be Killing You

May 8, 2013

Are you a workaholic? Are you constantly checking your email and cell phone? Then you might be suffering from workaholism and it might be slowly killing you. What might be mistaken as drive and ambition can really be an unhealthy addiction to work. This infographic looks at workaholism and what it is doing to your […]


Let’s Talk About Stress

May 7, 2013

Always stressed out? Find out what happens to your body and what steps you can take to help manage your stress. Source



April 13, 2013

8 out of 9 Dutch inhabitants experiences stress Source

Workplace Stress: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Workplace Stress: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

April 10, 2013

Workplace stress is the psychological reponse of human body that occurs when there is a poor match between job demands and the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker. About one third of all employees in any field of practice report to have stress in their respective jobs. Have a look at this great infographic […]

Ecomomic crisis hits youth health

Ecomomic crisis hits youth health

April 8, 2013

New research into the impact of the economic downturn on the nation’s health has revealed that it’s young people who are being hit the hardest, showing that economic anxiety has no age limit. Source

Stress Less

Stress Less

March 27, 2013

Stress is a common denominator to every occupation. Regardless of salary, gender, field or experience, excessive stress can cripple productivity and take a tremendous toll on physical and emotional health. Source

How to Live Better & Longer

How to Live Better & Longer

March 24, 2013

Whether you plan to: Include superfoods in your meals Exercise to maintain a healthy weight Balance your stress in order to stay productive Set SMART goals to achieve goals These lifestyle changes will help you stay healthy, fit and prevent the top three causes of death in America. Get some inspiration and guidance on how […]


Types of Stress

March 4, 2013

This infographic shows the various stress. It also shows the types of stress that teenagers experiences, like Insecurity, School, Relationship, and Home Stress. Source


How Stress is Killing You

March 3, 2013

Most of us deal with stress in our daily lives. Whether it’s stress from work, or family, or self inducing, stress is a big factor in our lives that can slowly kill us. This infogrpahic displays what happens to your body when you’re stressed and how it can affect your health. Source