Skype Talks Strategy

March 3, 2014

It seems strategy is key to Skype’s development, with the software application this week becoming embroiled in reports that it could turn to advertising to bring in added revenue for the company. According to reports, the announcement has come after Skype CEO Josh Silverman admitted that many Skype users don’t actually know about its premium […]


Set OpenScape Contact Center simplifies customer service

February 19, 2014

How important is the interaction with customers and partners to the success of your business? How important is it gives your contact center strategy? Source


Use Steve Jobs Commandments for Your Restaurant

October 22, 2013

If Steve Jobs was the CEO of a restaurant company vs. a software company, what might he do? If Steve Jobs had used his 10 commandments in restaurant company, what would that look like? Would McDonald’s have a large rival? Would the buzz be around the next secret recipe? According to the infographic there are […]

Social Media Strategy Development

Social Media Strategy Development

September 25, 2013

Social media strategy development for mid size and large organizations. The model is used by Sobizco’s international strategy team. Source



August 1, 2013

Learn about the13 patient care services objectives that hold the greatest promise for advancing strategic priorities and safeguarding hospital margins while elevating care quality. Source

Social Media and Your Business Communication Strategy

Social Media and Your Business Communication Strategy

June 10, 2013

Social media is rapidly transforming the way organizations communicate with customers. As a cost-effective way to engage online, social media gives companies broader reach beyond traditional communication methods like email. Source

Eloqua: The Content Grid

Eloqua: The Content Grid

June 5, 2013

As part of the relentless pursuit of making information more accessible through good design, while also educating and empowering clients to allow social media to pervade and enhance every (logical) aspect of their business, strategy, goals and employee network, JESS3 partnered with Eloqua, to produce The Content Grid. Published under a Creative Commons license, Eloqua […]

What Does It Take To Be a Social Strategist?

What Does It Take To Be a Social Strategist?

May 20, 2013

Looking to break into a social media career? Here’s pretty much everything you need to know about the job and the people who do it every day. Nearly 80% of corporations use social media, so there’s plenty of opportunity for aspiring strategists — especially as the other 20% get on board. Source

Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan

March 7, 2013

The starting rotation of the Texas Rangers vs. their ALCS opponent, the Detroit Tigers. Source

Robin van Persie’s 100 goals for Arsenal

February 20, 2013

Few things say “America” more than the NFL. Unfortunately, for many Americans, taking their family to a game is nearly out of the question — they just can’t afford food, drinks and souvenirs for everyone. Source


10 reasons to realign your website

January 2, 2013

Your website content, design and goals MUST be revisited on a regular basis (yearly at the very least). To succeed you need to realign your website to meet your ever changing online objectives and user needs. Here’s 10 reasons and some though provoking questions to get you started. Source

2011 Global Employer Branding Study Results

2011 Global Employer Branding Study Results

December 2, 2012

In an era of social media dominance where employer branding continues to develop around the world, HR and Marketing are now being challenged by Executives for control of the Employer Brand strategy in new survey findings from Employer Brand International. The global research study surveyed more than 1700 organizations worldwide. Source