How To Choose The Best Antivirus Software

February 21, 2013

Given the world’s dependence on internet and the menacing increase in numbers of spammers, viruses and malware, a computer without a reliable antivirus software is like a body with no immunity shots; it is destined to fall prey, get weakened and become just a piece of engineering with no real use. Source

How To Identify An Internet Troll

How To Identify An Internet Troll

September 16, 2012

Trolls, Spammers, Lurkers: they’re all of the same filthy ilk. So, why is it that they still thrive in such a troll-unfriendly universe? Probably because troll education is lacking and troll-eliminating technologies are still in infant stages. Here we discuss how to identify trolls, and how you can do the same for your site or […]