Behind SOPA: What it means Business and Innovation

January 21, 2014

This infographic explains what SOPA is and provides a history of SOPA. It also explains how SOPA is good for business and innovation. It also lists the major players in SOPA industry. Source


Supporters of SOPA in Congress

January 29, 2013

A bill that establishes for DoJ to take down copyright-infringing sites; Makes unauthorized web streaming of copyrighted content a felony; and Gives DoJ power to commence a legal action against target sites, demand search engine social networking sites and domain name services block access to the site, and impose enalty up to 5 years in […]

The Potential Damage of SOPA & PIPA

The Potential Damage of SOPA & PIPA

May 23, 2012

A comical depiction of the “weight” of the potential damage of SOPA and PIPA, two bills before congress regarding internet piracy and censorship. Trying to raise awareness about the importance of fighting these bills. Source