2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends

April 19, 2014

Hispanics are comprised of many races and nationalities, speak several languages and span the socio-economic spectrum. And irrespective of language or national origin, they share many commercially appealing traits: they are younger, open to new brand opportunities, upwardly mobile, and eager to embrace the “American experience”. Source


Jacobs Media – Public Radio Tech Survey 3 In A Nutshell

March 22, 2014

Jacobs Media’s Public Radio Technology Web Survey III is the largest such study of its kind, fielded in November 2010, among more than 21,000 respondents across 44 different Public stations covering a variety of formats. It is the third annual survey in the series, conducted among Public Radio listeners who are predominantly members of station […]


Mobile In The Enterprise

March 8, 2014

In the recent partnership with Zendesk, we visualized how mobile apps in the business sphere are the future. Decision makers now see that these tools increase productivity, reduce paperwork, and increase revenue in ways other devices simply cannot. Source


How Check-ins Work in Location Based Apps

February 15, 2014

An infographic that explains on how check-ins work in location based applications. Source


Attract Buzz: Grow Your Business

October 30, 2013

This infographic shows the e marketing strategies on how to make your business grow by using social media. Source

Google+ for Business

October 23, 2013

The swell folks at BlueGlass made a nifty graphic about Google+ for business, replete with all kinds of factoids and thoughts to consider. I’m not always a super fan of infographics, but there are clearly some advantages to them, it would appear. Source

USA vs UK: Facebook Edition

USA vs UK: Facebook Edition

October 8, 2013

Facebook statistics for the United States versus the United Kingdom, including number of users, population penetration, relationship status and more. Source

The Biggest Shift Since the Industrial Revolution

The Biggest Shift Since the Industrial Revolution

September 20, 2013

Social Media is the single biggest shift in our society since the Industrial Revolution. But don’t take our word for it, check out some of these stats and see for yourself!  Source

Visualizing 6 Years of Facebook

Visualizing 6 Years of Facebook

September 1, 2013

Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004 and has come a long way from a Harvard-only networking site in the intervening years. In fact, Facebook has undoubtedly become the world’s largest social network, with over 400 million users worldwide and more than 900 employees. Source

Orkut infographic - Infographic: The numbers Orkut Brazil

Orkut infographic – Infographic: The numbers Orkut Brazil

August 27, 2013

3 out of 4 internet surfers in Brasil visit Orkut.Find out more about the social networking habits of Brazillians with regard to Orkut. Source

Facebook Attacks

Facebook Attacks

August 26, 2013


Top 10 Most Popular Foursquare Badges

Top 10 Most Popular Foursquare Badges

August 6, 2013

Foursquare is a popular location-based social network that keeps track of users’ whereabouts. People “check-in” at various locations, letting their friends know where they are and allowing them to find you or recommend places to go nearby. People can check-in at cafes, bars, restaurants, parks, offices, etc. Source