The Boom of Social Sites

May 29, 2014

One of the first social media sites was created back in 1995 but the phenomenon didn’t really take off until the early 2000s. Now social media sites are every day stops for most people whether it’s updating a status on Facebook or tweeting about their day. This infographic looks at the social media boom and […]


Is Content Marketing Traditional Advertisings New rivals

May 23, 2014

Content Marketing is a force to be reckoned with. As companies seek to expand their reach online, budgets for Content Marketing are growing and new tactics and promotion strategies are being explored. Here we dive into the ins-and-outs of Content Marketing, how companies are currently using it, and the budgets that are being allocated to […]


Fun Facts About Portent

May 16, 2014

The Portent Tumblr is a place where we share our inspiration and work. But honestly, we’re mostly going to be geeking out about PPC, SEO, social media and all things technology – a lot. Source


Digital Marketing Trends in the Middle East

May 14, 2014

This infographic provides information for how much Middle Eastern countries are involved with digital marketing. First it provides statistics for the number of Middle Easterners using social media. It also provides information for how much Middle Eastern companies are using digital media to reach consumers. Finally it states some of the challenges for marketing in […]


2000 vs2010 at a Glance

May 13, 2014

This infographic shows how the world has changed overall since 2010. It provides statistical data for the change in population, environment, technology, economy and more. Source


The Most Important Communication Channels your nonprofit

May 11, 2014

While fewer non-profit organizations identified websites and email as very important for 2012 than in 2011, they are still the top two dominant communication channels, followed by Facebook. Source


The Evolution of the Blogger

May 9, 2014

These days, it seems almost everyone has a blog. If you have something to say and you would like to share it with the world, or just your friends, you can do so with a blog. However, the world of blogging had to start somewhere to get to where it is today. Here is a […]


Facebook Facts You May Not Know

May 6, 2014

Facebook made history when it made it to 500 million users, but it had already hit a milestone when it reached 200 million several years ago. What started as a private site only for college students has grown into an international phenomenon. Facebook data team member, Lee Byron, created the maps in this infographic to […]


New World Marketing

April 29, 2014

One of many other industries affected by the Internet age has definitely been marketing. Because marketing is all about communication, the Internet has proved to be a certified playground for marketing professional. Learn how the Web has changed the game in traditional marketing. Source


Are we addicted to social media?

April 25, 2014

Cell phones have come to take over a vast majority of our lives with the newest and greatest features of social media in our pockets. But how much social media is too much and when does it become too invasive? This infographic looks at some of the most interesting (or disturbing) statistics of social media. […]


The Two Tasks of Social Content Marketing: Search and Engage

April 22, 2014

Content marketing is nothing new. In fact, most companies utilize it every. A recent study found that 79% of B2B marketers post articles and 74% use social media as part of their content marketing plans. Quality content has the ability engage people, as well as convert online visitors to customers and grow your brand. At […]


Social Media for Small Businesses

April 12, 2014

Inbox Insight recently conducted an online survey to 500 small business owners regarding their use of Social Media within their organisation. The survey looked at current use of Social Media as well as plans to use it over the coming year. You can read the press release with all survey results here – Source