UEFA Champions League Teams on Facebook

UEFA Champions League Teams on Facebook

August 29, 2013

we made a comparison of all 32 Teams in the UEFA Champions League 11/12. The 20 top-Teams made it into this Infographic. Source

20 Years of the Premier League

20 Years of the Premier League

March 20, 2013

It’s 20 years since the Premier League was launched and to mark the occasion, I’ve put together an infographic suitably laced with factoids illustrating the League’s journey from domestic breakaway to global superpower. Source

Excel Dashboards for Information Visualization

Excel Dashboards for Information Visualization

March 12, 2013

In anticipation of the Euro 2012 an infographic that provides current and past statistics of the Euro including top goalscorers, fastest goals, stadium attendances, historical sportsbook odds and more. Source

Peyton Goes With Team Lemon.ly

Peyton Goes With Team Lemon.ly

March 9, 2013

We wanted to demonstrate concisely how obsessed our writers really our when covering sports. So we surveyed and create the Obsession Report. Source


Arsenal V. Tottenham: The North London Rivalry Illustrated

February 26, 2013

my visualization of that report that shows trends behind all Arsenal fixture dates and times since 2006 and 2007.” Source


Skate Park

February 17, 2013

No Description Source



February 16, 2013

The Hollywood Reporter has released the sitting chart for where all the Hollywood celebrities sit at a Laker game. What is interesting, but I guess not surprising, there are no season tickets available anywhere in the 21,000-seat Staples Center. There is a waiting list which costs you $100. According to The Hollywood Report, the decades […]


A Biblical transfer window jubilee

February 10, 2013

No Description Source


The battle of the ballers: Football vs football

February 3, 2013

A look at which countries had the most 2011 Opening Day starters by birthplace. Source


Champions League Bracket Poster

January 25, 2013

Champions League: winners / from which contries are all-time finalists / total viewers number / ball possesion. Source


Best graphics of 2010, according to Pablo E. Paredes

January 5, 2013

A helpful guide to making sure the gift you give this holiday season is the gift your special someone truly wants. And isn’t just one they will put their game face on and pretend to love. Source


FIFA World Cup 2010 – Winners, Highest Scores Betting Odds And More

December 26, 2012

With the FIFA World Cup around the corner and everyone else talking about it, we felt very “uncool.” Being the brave resilient boys that we are (did you know that?), we decided to do something about it. But there’s only one thing we do well – make great charts. So we researched a lot on […]