Global Survey Finds Consumers Ready to Write on Mobile Devices

May 28, 2014

Based on a survey of smartphone users, this infographic shows that although there are direct writing apps, people still carry a pen and paper with them, even though they have a smartphone. This infographic shows how people would use mobile devices if they could write on them. Source


App Store Statistics

January 8, 2014

Smart phone apps are all the rage today. This infographic provides statistical data for apps. How many apps are people downloading, types of apps downloaded and how much people are paying on average for apps.


IPhone 5

November 11, 2013

This Infographic provides information for Apples upcoming new version of the IPhone, the IPhone 5. It provides information for what features it will have, who will design it and how it will work. The infographic also attempts to explain Apples success and why there company still makes money during the recession. Source