World Silver Production by Country

December 15, 2012

Gold and silver prices reached new record highs of $1,430.95/oz and 30 year highs of $30.68/oz respectively yesterday. It is important to remember that these are nominal highs of more than 30 years ago. Adjusted for inflation, the record highs are $2,300/oz and $130/oz. This infographic provides information about silver production globally and the stock […]

Gold and Silver Sales on eBay

Gold and Silver Sales on eBay

October 23, 2012

Looking to stock up on gold bullion as gold prices soar to all-time highs? Plenty of Americans are turning to eBay’s Gold and Silver outpost. Source

The World

The World’s Gold

July 2, 2012

Have you ever wondered which countries hold the most gold? This infographic lists the nations with the 10 highest gold reserves and visualizes the amount of gold they hold by showing how high each country’s gold would reach if you took their gold reserves, divided them into standard 1-ounce gold bars and stacked them up […]