The Power of the Deal

January 13, 2014

According to Q4 2011 MarketPulseTM results from leading CPG market research firm, SymphonyIRI, consumers have higher confidence in the economy’s upturn in the next six months. However, after analyzing a full year of MarketPulse data, SymphonyIRI found that the conservative shopping strategies adopted to weather an economic downturn may have become habit. SymphonyIRI’s quarterly MarketPulse […]

Do You Have The Time?

Do You Have The Time?

June 9, 2013

Not long ago, we posted a poll on our Facebook wall. Over 2,000 respondents later, we were able to gather what we perceive as some insights worth throwing into an infographic designed to illustrate the average number of watches people own based on where they live in the United States and by age and generation. […]

2011 Back to School Homework

2011 Back to School Homework

October 12, 2012

This infographic provides information for back-to-school shopping trends in 2011. This infographic gives statistics for how and where parents will spend money on back-to-school supplies. It also illustrates how much money is spent on school supplies in comparison to 2010. Source

One Isn

One Isn’t the Loneliest Number This Valentines Day

June 10, 2012

Once all the New Year’s Eve celebrations are wrapped up, only one other day brings as much anxiety and awareness of singlehood – Valentine’s Day. February 14th is fast approaching, bringing with it an endless stream of couples, roses, chocolates and hearts. But instead of wallowing in sorrow over being a party of one, take […]