Nextag Shopping Report – Top 10 Cameras

June 11, 2014

We feature over 100 million products sold by over 20,000 merchants and retailers, including eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Sony and more. Source

Mapping Black Friday insanity on Twitter

Mapping Black Friday insanity on Twitter

September 3, 2013

MashWork analyzed over 270,000 tweets referencing Black Friday from Sept. 26 to Nov. 17. The data collected — displayed in the infographic embedded — yielded answers about what items people were most excited about buying, who they were shopping for and where they plan to make their purchases.

Science of Lines

Science of Lines

November 4, 2012

Much of the work grows from more nuanced understandings of how people perceive waiting in line. Shoppers tend to become impatient quickly and fail to take into account key indicators of what may slow down a line. Source


Who’s Shopping Online?

October 30, 2012

Online Shopping is growing, both in the US and internationally. However, there are pretty notable differences in the ways that people engage the online marketplace, based on such factors as, age, race and gender (among others). This graphic takes a look at who is shopping online, and how they are doing it. Source

How Much Will Consumers Spend This Holiday Season

How Much Will Consumers Spend This Holiday Season

August 19, 2012

Lab42 presents us with some data that highlights some stats around how much consumers will spend. It’s no surprise that over 66% will be doing their shopping online, according to Lab42’s data. However, what is surprising is that 31% of those consumers who will shop this holiday season, will spend over $700 dollars on gifts. […]

Creating Black Friday Success

Creating Black Friday Success

July 26, 2012

Black Friday has now expanded to include Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, for an entire weekend dedicated to shoppers ready to check off their holiday gift list. Preparing for and participating in this holiday shopping weekend might even turn negative margins from red, back to black. Source


What’s On Your Gift List This Year?

July 3, 2012

While some economists declared the recession over in June 2009, many Americans would beg to differ with that assessment. Given the fact that the recent Black Friday saw an 8.5% increase in shoppers, however, there seems to be an increase in consumer confidence at the very least. According to comScore, holiday spending is up 12% […]


Valentine’s Day Shopper Insights

June 21, 2012

RetailNext has conducted a backward-looking analysis of this past Valentine’s Day season in retail. This analysis spans 287 individual stores and accounts for the behavior of more than four million shoppers. Source