Twitter is more addictive than alcohol, cigarettes

Twitter is more addictive than alcohol, cigarettes

July 15, 2013

Research shows that people are more addicted to Twitter than alcohol, caffeine, and even cigarettes. Find out more if you are addicted to Twitter! Source

Survey: Cellphones vs. Sex – Which Wins?

May 4, 2013

It’s no secret how much most people are attached to their cellphones, but now TeleNav has released a survey showing just how willing Americans are to give up the finer things in life so they can still hang onto that handset. Source


STD Risk Factors

March 1, 2013

There are many factors that affect those at risk for contracting an STD. Many times individuals don’t know or understand which things put them at risk of infection. Some STD’s can be transmitted in surprising ways. For those at risk, regular comprehensive testing can help prevent unintended transmissions. Source


Empire Peace of Mind

February 14, 2013

Whether you’re taking the 5 train to the Bronx or riding a taxi through Chelsea, New York faces some of the highest STD rates in the country. Many new Yorkers don’t even know they have an STD until it’s too late – nearly 1,000 New Yorkers don’t find out they’re HIV positive until they are […]


Sex and Entertainment: Exploring the portrayal Sexuality Media Over Time

January 24, 2013

Just between 1998 and 2005, the number of sexual scenes on TV nearly doubled and of the “top” films between 1983 and 2005, 32% contained sex episodes. The portrayal of sexuality in the media has drastically changed overtime – therefore, Elements Behavioral Health has used its expertise to dissect this culture shift. Source


STDs in America

January 22, 2013

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are one of the most under-recognized health problems in the country today. With over 65 million people currently living with a lifelong incurable disease and about 15 million more becoming infected each year STDs are clearly a serious issue. Most people are unaware of the risks and consequences of un-protected […]

Women vs. Men: Should I Sleep with Him?

Women vs. Men: Should I Sleep with Him?

September 1, 2012

What are men and women thinking when they are out on a date?

How to Plan a Killer Wedding, An Easy Guide to Getting Hitched!
Sex By The Numbers

Sex By The Numbers

August 5, 2012

Sex By The Numbers Source

Faking It

Faking It

July 28, 2012

Data showing the types of fake orgasms and how often both men and women fake orgasms. Source

Sex Trophy Survey

Sex Trophy Survey

July 24, 2012

look at some of the strange object people claim as ‘sex trophies’, after breakups or one night stands Source

Sex Heroes: Bedroom Endurance for Real Men

Sex Heroes: Bedroom Endurance for Real Men

July 23, 2012

Interesting facts about sex, endurance, speed, and size, comparing humans to each other, animals, and even a city bus.