Seattle: The Next Silicon Valley

June 1, 2014

Those of us who live in the Seattle area know that it is quickly becoming a haven for tech companies. While Silicon Valley near San Francisco might have the market cornered and Silicon Alley in New York City might be the up-and-comer to most, Seattle has a serious case that they can make for having […]


Silicon Valley Geeks vs Seattle Geeks

March 5, 2014

In truth, for all their differences, Seattle and Silicon Valley have more and more in common these days, particularly as companies from the Bay Area come north in search of scarce engineering talent. This trend, and how Seattle could improve upon on its standing as a tech hub, is one of the many topics we’ll […]

The Anatomy of a Seattle Consumer

The Anatomy of a Seattle Consumer

June 7, 2013

Seattle is home to some of Zaarly’s employees and although we each love where we’re living – we get a little envious of our Seattlites. Some days we just want to be browsing for fresh fish at Pike Place Market and sipping on a latte from Espresso Vivace. For more insight on life in Seattle, […]

How the BCS Diminishes College Football

How the BCS Diminishes College Football

March 16, 2013

This infographic provides a brief history of the superbowl and how it began. It also provides various superbowl statistics and records from throughout the years. Source


How Seattleites Spend Money on Food

January 20, 2013

The denizens of Seattle pride themselves on shopping and eating at locally owned business, restaurants, and coffee houses. But what are the actual stats? Using data from users reveals some surprisingly non-local trends in Seattleites’ food habits. Source

Portland Vs. Seattle

Portland Vs. Seattle

October 16, 2012

A visual graphic that takes on an ever-burning Pacific Northwest question: Which is cooler, Portland or Seattle? Source