The Minority Report: Criminology’s New Frontier

June 29, 2014

New sophisticated “precognition” systems are accurately predicting crime before it happens. How far away are we from a world like “Minority Report”? Source


Star Trek is just Around the Corner

November 15, 2013

When Star Trek debuted in the 1960′s it exposed people all around the world to a bright future full of high tech gadgets. 45 Years, 6 different television series and 11 movies later, Star Trek has undoubtedly had a large impact on the world around us, inspiring scientist and inventors to develop the technology that […]

Who Won: March Madness Vs.

Who Won: March Madness Vs. ‘The Walking Dead

May 18, 2013

One is do or die, the other is un-die and do damage. It’s March Madness vs. “The Walking Dead:” A Social Media shoot-out. According to Trendrr.tv, “The Walking Dead” Season 2 finale fared a lot better than the zombies did on the show. Despite, or maybe because of, going up against the last games of […]

Genre Movie Guide... Priest ticks all the boxes

Genre Movie Guide… Priest ticks all the boxes

May 8, 2013

This infographic highlights 12 genres and some of the films that use them. PRIEST is the sci-fi, horror, fantasy, action, comic-book, vampire, western, steam-punk, film-noir, revenge, martial arts, movie set in a post-apocalyptic alternate-reality! Paul Bettany stars in this graphic novel adaptation about an exiled warrior priest, thrown out by the Church, who currently rules […]

The Future According To Films

The Future According To Films

April 21, 2013

A look into the future, based on films and TV shows Source


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Firefly

February 7, 2013

Firefly has quickly become a cult classic, after it was cancelled by Fox in 2002, after airing only 11 episodes (out of order). Firefly was created by Joss Whedon who is best known for creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer and is set to direct and write The Avengers movie set for release in the summer […]

The Sci-Fi Movie Timeline

The Sci-Fi Movie Timeline

October 30, 2012

This infographic dislays how we would live if we lived in the movies. For example, did you know in 2022 we could be eating each other! That’s according to the movie ‘Soylent Green’ Source

Doctor Who by the Numbers

Doctor Who by the Numbers

September 14, 2012

Who is the most popular Doctor? What are the most watched Doctor Who episodes of all time? Which Doctor Who episodes are the most popular? Which Doctor appeared in the most episodes? Check out this infographic that covers nearly 50 years of Doctor Who history to answer all those questions and more! Source