APR Demystified

APR Demystified

March 15, 2013

Recently, the NCAA announced a number of changes to the collegiate athletics rulebook that will undoubtedly impact the entire industry. Since most fans will not comb through the details of the legislation, we’ll simplify (using a handy infographic in this case) a number of these issues on olemisssports.com to give our fans an understanding of […]


WWI Deaths by Country and Source

February 2, 2013

This chart highlights the variance between different sources reporting the death toll numbers for the belligerent nations during World War I. Different sources cite differing figures. The scale on the left of each chart gives the number of casualties, the colored dots represent different sources of information, while the dotted lines give percentage differences between […]


Chain Reaction

January 6, 2013

Physics is just one department among many at Reed where strong mentorship paves the way for exploration, discovery, and a quantum leap for students in understanding the world around them. Source

Student Loan Racket in the USA

Student Loan Racket in the USA

August 8, 2012

A breakdown of the rise of Non-Federal Loans to US students, and how the Loans in default are crippling the careers of many students. Source

NBA Lockout Migration

NBA Lockout Migration

July 8, 2012

No Description Source